Civano Interactive Map

Interactive map of 25 field measurements from sample sites located in the Civano neighborhood of Tucson, AZ. Interact with the map to see figures with air temperature, surface temperature, and mean radiant temperature readings overlaid on each site.

This map is associated with work published in the Journal of Land Use Science (Turner et al. 2022). Funding for this work was provided by the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation.

Turner, V. K., Rogers, M. L., Zhang, Y., Middel, A., Schneider, F. A., Ocón, J. P., Seeley, M., & J. Dialesandro (2022). More than surface temperature: Mitigating thermal exposure in hyper-local land system. Journal of Land Use Science. DOI: 10.1080/1747423X.2021.2015003.