Teaching Experience

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Summer 2021 (GEOG-180), Summer 2020 (GEOG-167)

This course introduces and reinforces the methods, techniques, and considerations behind the cartographic process, geographic data visualization and map design. Topics including typography, color theory, classification, and symbology are covered in this online course. Students use ArcGIS Desktop, the industry-standard commercial GIS platform, and ArcGIS Online, a popular web-based mapping and data visualization platform to complete coursework. In addition to exposing students to the variety of settings and situations in which various cartographic design techniques are used, students are given the opportunity to apply these methods to their own work.

Teaching Associate

Geographic Information Systems Programming and Development
Spring 2021 (GEOG-181C)

Introduction to fundamental concepts and architecture of programming objects in widely used geographic information systems (GIS), and programming in GIS environment. Topics include GIS customization and development using variety of programming languages.

Teaching Assistant

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Winter 2020 (GEOG-7)

Introduction to fundamental principles and concepts necessary to carry out sound geographic analysis with geographic information systems (GIS). Reinforcement of key issues in GIS, such as geographic coordinate systems, map projections, spatial analysis, and visualization of spatial data. Laboratory exercises use database query, manipulation, and spatial analysis to address real-world problems.